My first blog everrrrrrr !

There are two kinds of people in this world. One, who lives in a certain pattern of life means regular lives means regular parents, academic struggles, relationships , old age and so on. Other kinds doesn’t follow this pattern, sometimes they don’t have parents or sometimes they face several traumatic incidents. With first kind, their lives go on with a certain formula of nature, such as there both parents are alive and normal and they go to collage like normal kids and they grow old and have their own kids and life goes on for them. There are difficult days for them off course because life is not a bed of roses for any one. So about the other kind there can be any experience, any tragedy as extreme as being abducted, being orphan, being raped, being abused or being a drug addict. There is an unlimited list of unfortunate events which can happen in any one’s life. Sometimes, it goes on smoothly for some people and then there is one unfortunate event which ruins their comfort zone. Where as other times, its a series of unfortunate events and it goes on till the person dies. There are several painters, sculptors and poets who have been through only tragedy all their lives. I promised myself not to talk about any thing related with art but here it goes again, sigh !

So, about myself ; there is too much about myself. I have three professions as a curator , visual artist and art educator. I am usually over worked and burned out, there are several thoughts going on in my mind. Such as right now, I should be sleeping but as my mind does not like to stop thinking, I am getting up from my bed and writing this blog. The question is what is my blog about ? Being a curator I have to write publications , press releases , concepts , proposals and all those academic material. There has been several experiences and stories which I like to share with public and my pretentious well wishers. There has been several stories, good and difficult days, ups and downs and a series of unfortunate events because I belong to the second category of people which has been way out of comfort zone. Being a painter, I have been painting and I do look forward to a reaction from audience. Yes, reaction!! Lets try with you. Belonging to the other category of people, I have survived sexual abuse as  a child. See , here goes your reaction. 

Don’t worry I will make these stories very interesting for you because I want you to read and understand few things about survivors of mental, physical and sexual abuse , also their life-time struggles. There will be a narrative of circumstances, stories of life time adventures and several every day glitches which creates good memories. I value experiences whether good or bad, convenient or difficult, because I believe ‘Every thing happens for its own cause.’ 

Cheers, Have a nice day every day !

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