‘She’ was forced to perform every day like a clown who is forced to smile besides her devastated circumstances. ‘They’ told her its fine now ‘You’ can smile. ‘She’ was hiding all the darkness beneath those smiles and pretty faces. No one listened and no one understood, so ‘she’ talked to ‘me’ .My work is a catharsis for me, those emotions and experiences which has been suppressed inside me under social pressure, have found an existence in my paintings. Those experiences which cannot be shared or justified through words, I have executed as art pieces. I like to paint my heart out; it has been my comfort zone where I can tell the story of seclusion, suppression and sufferings. It’s the inner discovery of hidden self which derives me towards positive pathways. It’s a cage of my own self which never let me out. It’s not only me; it’s every other person in different prison of inner self.

Abuse is any child’s worst nightmare; physical abuse can wound human soul terribly when it comes with sexual assault. My work is about such experiences which I have lived through every day once when it was happening and now when it has happened. My work is a narration of mine as well as every survivor’s emotional turmoil in terms of trauma, PTSD and anxiety disorder as impact which we endure mostly throughout our lives to certain extent.  Most of my work has been executed during my break downs, it has been my catharsis. I have lived through it and have to breathe through it now. It also addresses our social taboos which suppresses such victims instead of confronting offenders.


She series | 2013 to 2016 | Acrylics on canvas | Sizes are 24×38 inches | Available in prints also

‘Smile Please’ | 2018 | Acrylics on canvas | 18×12 inches each | Available in post cards also |

Installations and other paintings | 2010 to 2012 | Sizes and mediums vary | Not Available

Post cards | Smile Please series is printed in front of the post cards | This work has been executed for mental health awareness , all the proceedings will go for the continuation of it.

In order to purchase any of the original art works (prices vary of each available art work), any art works in prints (from 3000 PKR to 5000 PKR) and post card series (1000 PKR each post card), contact on 03172946621 (texts only) or email at

Payments will be made via bank transfer, free delivery all across Pakistan. For international buyers, shipping cost will vary.

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