School of advises.

When I was around 12, I read a story in a children’s magazine. 

The story goes like this;  ‘Once upon a time there lived a painter in a city. One day, he decided to do an experiment with audience. He painted a landscape and placed it at a busy market of the city. He also placed a note next to it saying ‘Please make a circle on my mistakes so I can improve my work’. After few hours when he returned to collect his painting, He was shocked to see that the whole painting was full of circles now. With so much disappointment and sadness, he picked his painting and left. He was so disappointed with those circles given by people that he decided to stop painting for a while. After few days, he got an idea. He made another painting and placed at the same place on that busy street with a note again. This time he wrote on the note; ‘Please correct the mistakes if you see any’. When he returned after few hours, he found his painting untouched. No one has corrected his mistakes this time.’ 

It’s very easy to point out others flaws and give them your advice without knowing their circumstances, limitations and as well as future plans. Most of the time, we don’t know about our advises also have never tried it ourselves. It’s easier said than done, right? It has been annoying to receive every one’s expert and completely free advice. Most of the time these advises do not give you a positive impact. According to their opinion either you are doing everything wrong or you are not capable of many things or mostly anything.

 We all need expert advice but only from our gurus’ not general public. If you want to do something bigger and better in life, choose your mentor and only listen to them. Whenever I need an advice, I go to a friend who knows about that particular venture. Every one doesn’t know about everything, well personally I like to spend time with senior people who are the true school of advises for us and their experiences are a treasure. I have listened to my oldie and Goldie friends and followed them seriously. Those who are still alive including those who are resting in heaven, thank you very much. If you are not old and experienced or if you are not that much capable or close to me knowing me well, I have learned to laugh at you in my head while you are giving your expert advice, because I only listen to my mentors, my very few close friends and my fairy god mother. Yes, I do have one for real and she gives the best, sincere advice.

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